Monday, February 28, 2011

Giving this a try!

Well Im finally going to give this a try after much encouragement from my daughter and friends. Several of my very good friends have blogs and i love to follow them. I am a rug hooker and have found my true love of he art. Ill post some pics soon, but for now im giving needle punch a try and have found it to be quite fun also! my husband calls it mini hooking! Im going to try and post pics of it so bear with me. This is my first one..... Rhonda


  1. I love it. The other items in the picture all are just wonderful and make such a beautiful setting. Great work!

  2. Looking great Rhonda! I can't wait to see your photo's and reading what's going on in your creataive world..

  3. Oh wow Rhonda, can't wait to see all you are doing and to stay caught up with you. (Saw your Sheep)meaning the one at Hidden Den today, the one that was too heavy to get on the plane. Guess he is still waiting for you, you gotta come back and get him.